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Geopolicity led the development of AKY Three country consortium VC Program. The Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (AKT) Consortium – one of the many initiatives of IICPSD - launched this Feasibility Study for Regional Agro-Food Industry Value Chain Development at a time when growth and productivity outlooks in Central and Southern Asia appeared compromised. The search for higher value, therefore, demands a greater focus on evidence-based-investment, and this Feasibility Study of the Fruit, Vegetable, and Nuts (FVN) sub-sectors is positioned to provide evidence for more cogent private and public coordination.


Objective 1: To propose three feasible agro-food industry products among pre-selected products for inclusive value chain development with justifications, respective action plans and budgets; presenting the features of respective value chains from primary agricultural production to the final consumer and ensuring developing these value chains is feasible in terms of realities, opportunities, and dynamics of each from among AKT markets compared with international markets, especially feasible for potential export markets; Objective 2: To propose interventions for increasing the inclusiveness, productivity and connectivity of agro-food industry value chains, which would set the stage for potential future projects and initiatives to be undertaken by different stakeholders (local and international private sector enterprises, AKT governments, civil society, international partners and donors) for development and facilitation of inclusive value chains;



  • To analyze and identify potential export markets for pre-selected FVN products of AKT; To map the value chains of the pre-selected products;

  • To overview existing aggregators (such as smallholders’ organizations, cooperatives etc.) within the market;    

  • To overview existing initiatives/projects undertaken by other stakeholders in the field of agro-food industry value chain development; 

  • To determine the cost structure of the selected product by specifically detecting the share of each level of the chain within the market price; to compare the cost structure with international standards in order to identify comparative advantages;

  • To determine required investments in order to increase the value chain productivity and competitiveness;

  • To develop the AKT M&E Framework and Plan; and, 

  • To propose next steps to be built upon the findings of the Feasibility Study



A detailed Value Chain Assessment of products across three countries, presented to the members of the AKT Consortium, and developed as a bankable investment project, presented to the Islamic Development Bank.










Afghanistan / Kyrgistan / Tajikistan










AKT Consortium National Value Chain Investment Program and M&E Tracking 

'Geopolicty has performed beyond expectations in conducting the feasibility analysis in agro sector for Afghanistan, Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Trilateral Consortium, significantly contributing all three governments’ and stakeholders’ long term commitment to the initiative.'

Gulcin Salingan, Deputy Director, Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-IICPSD)

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