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COVID-19 Response and Mitigation

The COVID-19 health pandemic and corresponding economic lockdown represent a real time public policy experiment; with no recent historical point of reference. What can be said with certainty, is that COVID-19 will continue to have a profound impact on the lives and wellbeing of billions of people, many of which live in the poorest countries.


Since early 2020, Geopolicity has been heavily engaged in supporting Government’s and the International Community to identify and respond to the evolving policy challenges that have emerged. What started as a health crisis has turned into an economic and policy crisis, with direct implications for Geopolicity’s traditional sectoral engagement. Central to Geopolicity’s approach has been the principle of Building Forward Better, identifying and addressing pre-pandemic vulnerabilities so that recovery from COVID-19 can better achieve the ambition of Leaving No One Behind (LNOB).


Geopolicity has undertaken several Socio-Economic Impact Assessments of COVID-19 and supported Governments to establish recovery plans based on the findings. Activities for which Geopolicity has and continues to support governments to undertake include: spending reallocations, supporting private sector entities (including SME), advance social protection and welfare delivery, mitigate unemployment, promote online/virtual services where possible and accelerate reforms in key sectors to reduce pre-existing vulnerabilities.

Key Areas of Expertise


- COVID-19 Impact Assessments

- Building Back Better

- Identifying Recovery Options

- Promoting Policy Experimentation

- Advancing Digital Government 2.0

- Scenario Planning


Illustrative Recent Activities

- Djibouti Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

- Kosovo COVID-19 Response and Recover

- Somalia Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

- Somalia COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

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