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Conduct a review of all PFM, administrative and civil service reform efforts in the Iraqi Region of Kurdistan at the request of the Ministry of Planning including the monitoring and evaluation systems and links to the national budget process.  The exercise focused on corrective measures including budget automation, macro-fiscal issues and sector budget management. The results were presented to w whole-of-government meeting and have formed the foundation for the current Kurdistan Public Sector Modernization Program.


Presented to the Ministry of Planning and working group for this assignment a preliminary set of findings and conclusions about the reform effort to date and contrast this experience with that of one or two successful foreign countries’ experience with reform to highlight deficiencies in the KRG effort. Deficiencies could include deficiencies of reform vision, scope of reform, time-frame for the reform, structuring of the management of the reform process, excessive top-down and insufficient bottom-up effort, insufficient piloting of reform, insufficient attention to sequencing of reforms or too much piece-meal as opposed to holistic reform.



Analyzed management processes for selected organizations, i.e. ministries, and common operations, e.g. procurement for an assessment against best practices with respect to effectiveness (especially service delivery or lack thereof), efficiency, transparency, accountability, human resource management, policy planning, budgeting & regulatory oversight and draw lessons from current practices. Assessed the functional structure for the machinery of Government, in terms of policy, planning, budgeting and IFMIS automation, regulatory oversight and execution with a view to assessing options for rationalization, grouping of common functions, delimitation and adjustment of mandates. Outlined a proposed set of corrective measures, indicative, and issues and options for the client to consider in formulating its regional Public Sector Modernization Program, including automation and links with the Budget Execution Support project.


Detailed analytical report and road map for reform of the public administration, including civil service and public financial management systems.









Iraq , Kurdistan






US$ 527,880




Local Governance

"A significant piece of advisory work of great importance to the regional Government, offering practical solutions to pressing needs in public sector management. The proposed road map demands our consideration and focus".

H.E. Dr Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning, Kurdistan Regional Government

Assessment of Iraqi Kurdistan Public Sector Reform Efforts

Kurdisatn Public Sector Program
Iraq Public Sector Modernization
National Public Service Program
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