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Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFF)

Integrated National Financing Framework’s (INFFs) emerged from the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) and its call for the emergence of national sustainable financing strategies, and have since become central to the UN’s vision of accelerating progress towards the SDGs. INFFs address the challenge by identifying new resources for sustainable development, both domestic and global, and promoting a reform agenda that allows these to contribute to development. If a national development plan outlines ‘what’ needs to occur for meaningful change, the INFF identifies ‘how’ this can be achieved.


Geopolicity has been working to support the INFF agenda since its inception in the years following the AAAA and has built up a considerable track record. While most INFF engagements are in their infancy, Geopolicity has already led on several national initiatives, including the production of Development Finance Assessments (DFAs) and the establishment of INFF Roadmaps; drawing extensively on our previous engagement on innovative SDG financing modalities. Our approach to this work stems from our core values, identifying dialogue and national ownership of the process as instrumental to its success and longevity. We are now primed to support the next phase of INFF engagement (Building Blocks 1 through 4) to operationalise INFF Roadmaps.

Key Areas of Expertise


- Development Finance Assessments

- Building Block 1 – Assessment & Diagnostics

- Building Block 2 – Financing Strategies

- Building Block 3 – Monitoring & Review

- Building Block 4 – Governance and Coordination

- INFF Roadmaps

- Development Finance Diagnostics

- Blended Financing Modalities


Illustrative Recent Projects

- Botswana INFF Roadmap

- Malaysia SDG Financing and Costing

- Bosnia INFF (Development Finance Assessment and Road Map)

- Egypt INFF Road Map

- Budgeting for SDGs Global Initiative

- Kosovo Development Finance Assessment

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