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Economic Growth

Geopolicity specializes in the collection, analysis, presentation and distribution of primary and secondary economic intelligence for public and private clients. Our unique analytical and diagnostic approach, heavily informed by political-economy analysis, provides invaluable insights to assist our clients making informed investment and risk management decisions. Our delivery model is simple. We maintain a proprietary network of over 1,000 experts covering Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central and Southern Asia; able to quickly mobilize pin-point expert advice to clients in all issues related to economic investment policy and strategy. We identify issues and present options, within a framework of corrective measures. Recent clients include the governments of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Eastern Europe, the EU, UK, Asian Development Bank and World Bank.


Public Sector: Areas of specialization include national economic policy and strategy development, public private partnerships, private sector development and economic growth diagnostic work. We support economic policy development that maximizes growth enhancement, limiting illegal economic activity and assisting in formalizing the informal economy through the development of market based incentives.


Private Sector:  We assist our clients in understanding the local politics, regulations and cultural pressures in order to support effective new market penetration. We provide in depth analysis of a company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses within the market in question. We also assist in the development of potential acquisition or divestiture opportunities by identifying potential buyers.


Our Services Include:

-  Economic growth diagnostic work;

-  Macroeconomic Modelling, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Analysis;
-  Value Chain Development;

-  Competition Policy;
-  Business and Emerging Market Strategy Development;
-  Investment Climate Reviews and Investment promotion strategy;
-  Value Chain and Growth Diagnostic Work.
-  Public-private dialogue (PPD); and,

-  Emerging Market Reporting.


Examples of recent work include:

-  Economic growth and employment diagnostic on Egypt for the African Development Bank;

-  Regional Economic Cooperation Framework; 

-  Economic and market forecasting for US and Middle Eastern based corporations and trust funds;

-  Development of economic transition policy framework for Central Asian State; and,
-  Economic intelligence reports covering emerging markets and weak and fragile states.

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