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  • We are not just practitioners; we are architects of change, strategists and public policy experts.

  • We are not just economists; we are also political-economists.

  • We don’t just Implement change; we also initiate it.


  • We don’t get lost in political and economic intelligence; we own and shape it.


  • We are not just consultants; we are leading-change-managers.  


  • We are not followers; we are leaders.




  • Priorities: We place our clients needs ahead of our firms.


  • Integrity: Commitment to consistency in actions, values, principles and outcomes.


  • Excellence: Commitment to innovation, diagnostics and added value.


  • Transparency: Commitment to open, honest, accountable governance systems.


  • Integration: Commitment to an increasingly inter-dependent economic order.


  • Ecological Economics: Commitment to sustainable resource management.


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