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Geopolicity delivered a public expenditure and PEIA review of the core security service providers that will have a critical role to play in future years in view of United Nations Missions in Liberia (UNMIL) transition including reviewing the Liberia IFMIS. These core service providers include: The Liberia National Police (LNP), the Bureau for Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), the Coast Guard, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), the Prosecutorial services, the court system and the prison system. MTFF, MTBF, MTET, COA, CAFOG, GFS, IPSAS and other compliance consideration.  


The review included security spending financed by both the national budget (core and project budgets) and international sources of funding (on and off-budget financing as well as in-kind financing). The review identified current capacity gaps and scope to improve efficiency of spending in the security sector and included development of a prioritized and costed set of priorities based on the relevant security sector strategic plans and based on a basic minimum and affordable security package over next five years taking into account of macro-budgetary constraints and trends in donor spending.   To ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability, the review included budget planning and preparation in the security sector, budget execution process including internal control and procurement, and financial management; accounting and reporting; internal and external audit and external oversight.


Conducting full PFM and Capacity Assessment of the Security Sector assessment, PER and PEFA, including review of the ongoing FMIS as well as medium term macro-fiscal projections and implications for sector costing and MTEF.


M&E system support for the security agencies including setting national budget targets and reviewing the expenditure tracking system


Field visits to projects and validation with Government and Word Bank.



High quality Security Sector PER providing a forward 7 year planning framework that was adhered to by the World Bank and UNMIL.  The PER formed the basis for the World Bank report on security sector reform in Liberia.










World Bank





Public Finances

'Geopolicity did an excellent job in conducting the Liberia Public Expenditure Review and Needs Assessment of the Security Sector in Liberia, for the World Bank and UN. The review was instrumental in supporting an orderly withdrawal of UNMIL'.

Jariya Hoffman, Senior Economist, World Bank

Public Expenditure Review


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