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SDG Financing

Geopolicity is a pioneer of blended finance and ecological biodiversity conservation in emerging & frontier markets. As a long-time member of the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC), this is at the core of what we do. Blended finance is the deployment of public or philanthropic capital to accelerate private sector investments that achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This is achieved through innovative and collaborative financing models, such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and other blended modalities in which we specialise. We assist in deploying relatively scarce capital to crowd in more plentiful commercial funds, often with considerable leverage, to de-risk project investment.


We work with development finance institutions including the World Bank and United Nations to mainstream this strategy, as well as directly with Government’s to integrate these lessons into public planning. We focus on deal structuring, and ensure that projects are not ‘over-blended’ with concessional finance leading to distorted markets. We look to make transactions where they otherwise would not, drawing down on risk, and opening up investment flows in critical sectors. Given the financing gap to reach the SDGs, blending concessional money to crowd in private investment has never been more important.

Key Areas of Expertise


- Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFF)

- Development Finance Assessments (DFAs)

- Risk-Adjusted Returns; 

- Debt Management and Restructuring

- Pipeline management

- Project de-risking;

- Public Private Partnerships;

- Market Incentives;

- Impact investing; and,

- Blended finance capacity development.


Illustrative Recent Projects

-  Contributions to the CPIC Blended Finance Sector Blueprints;

-  From Funding to Finance (F2F) assessments;

-  Pubic Private Partnerships Policy, Regulations and Capacity Development;

-  PPP Unit Establishment;

-  Industrial Cluster Incentives;

-  Blended Finance for Conservation; and,

-  Blended Finance for Wildlife Conservation and Management.

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