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Public Sector Management

Public sector governance is a core business activity for Geopolicity. As form follows function, changes in policy most often require accompanying institutional reforms to be undertaken. We specialize in identifying public sector reform and modernization requirements, and through detailed analytical and diagnostic work, charting a road map for delivery.


The collapse of state structures following conflict often provides an invaluable opportunity to reform the core structures of administration, as well as staffing establishments and pay and grading arrangements to enhance the provision of state functions in an effective and cost efficient manner. Moreover, given the narrow revenue base characteristic of weak and fragile states, ‘rightsizing’ institutions and staffing arrangements is vital for the emergence of a lean and effective government, and one that is fiscally sustainable over the medium to longer term. Once a transitional policy and strategy framework has been established, the sequenced realignment of administrative structures to enhance implementation becomes a precondition for better policy implementation. Furthermore, given the need to establish a path to fiscal sustainability, making appropriate structuring decisions are essential to stop the emergence of a bloated an inefficient government.


Our Services Include:


-  Administrative Restructuring and Functional Reforms;

-  Civil Service Reform;

-  Human Resource Development;

-  Monitoring and Evaluation;

-  Governance Accountability and Transparency;

-  Digitization;

-  Decentralization and Service Delivery; and,

-  Business Process Re-engineering.


Examples of Recent Work Include:


-  Initiation and Implementation of the Iraq Public Sector Modernization Program (I-PSM) for GoI/UN;

-  Initiation of the Advanced Reform and Restructuring (ARR) Program for a Government in Central Asia;

-  Development of a Civil Service Reform and Senior Executive Service Road Maps;

-  Drafting a modern Civil Service Law;

-  HR Firm to Capacity Injection Program;

-  Functional reviews and service delivery assessments for health, education and water and sanitation sectors;

-  Development of Public-Private Partnership arrangements in the area of natural resource development; and,

-  Economic restructuring and privatization of state owned enterprises. 

-  Political, Security and Economic monthly reports to a GCC state client;

-  Lead a team of 20 international experts on the UK Government financed 'Understanding Afghanistan' exercise.
-  Undertook a Drivers of Change Study for the UN in Iraq in relation to 'Managing the Tigris and Euphrates Watersheds.'
-  Undertook political economy analysis for DFID in relation to 'Western Balkans Secession to the European Union.
-  Conducted analysis of the Political Economy of Customs Reform in Central Asia for the World Bank.
-  Negotiated processes leading to cabinet a machinery of government restructuring.
-  Re-oriented government and international community state-building rationale and approach in Iraq.

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