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International Trade


Increasing trade is key to ending extreme poverty and boosting prosperity.  Our work in the area of trade - for clients from the World Bank, to the GCC, United Nations and trans-national corporations such as DP Word - focuses on efficiency, facilitation and harmonization, underpinned by a clear focus on empirical assessment.  We undertook hard core economic and trade analysis for the GCC states in their involvement in the Second Suez Canal, as well as detailed trade work on the US New Silk Road Strategy and Regional Economic Cooperation Conference (RECCA). 


Evidence suggest that countries open to international trade tend to grow faster and provide more opportunities to their populations, though our research with OECD identifies a number of caveats to such a general conclusion. Geopolicity assists our clients to improve their access to developed country markets and enhance their participation in the world economy; through open, rules-based, predictable, international trading system.  With the arrival of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), alongside a wider shift to unite EurAsia including through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), our work on trade often includes both Track I and Track II diplomacy.


Illustrative Services


-  Trade Policy;

-  Customs administration;

-  Trade and Transit Development;

-  Multi Modal Inland Ports;

-  Trade Volume Studies;

-  Competetiveness;

-  Trade balance and import and export analysis; and,

-  Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral trade deals.


Illustrative Projects Undertaken


-  Regional Economic Cooperation Conference (RECCA) Technical Lead on Trade and Economic Development (UK Government);

-  AKT Regional Trade, Revealed Comparative Advantage and Country Benchmarking for IICPSD;

-  Economic work on the US Government New Silk Road (NSR) policy on Central Asia;

-  The political economy of customs reform and modernization;

-  Cross Border Value Chain Analysis and Development;

-  Oil, Gas and Natural Resource Commodity price futures;

-  Maritime Port operations - future scenarios for DP World; and,

-  Trade Volume Studies on Iraq, focused on agricultural exports.

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