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Majid Jafar

"Geopolicity prepared the Arab Stabilization  Plan concept policy paper for us, which was presented to Middle East and world  leaders, and at the World Economic Forum. The plan has been extremely well received and their

strategic economic advisory is world class. The work was delivered on time, on budget, and was exactly aligned with our thinking and needs as client."

Majid Jafar, CEO, Crescent Petroleum

Majid_Jafar Geopolicity.jpg

Richard Ponzio

"Geopolicity's lead contribution in the design of six National Priority Economic and Infrastructure Development Programs, presented to a Foreign

Minister's meeting was recognized with high appreciation by the  Government and its international partners.”

Dr. Richard Ponzio, Director of the Global Governance, Justice & Security Program and a Senior Fellow at Stimson.

Richard Ponzio Geopolicity.jpg

Parag Khanna

"Geopolicity is a top source for analysis onregional governance and provides

the most authoritative guidance to local players on structuring and executing long-term strategies.”

Parag Khanna is a leading global strategy advisor, world traveler, and best-selling author.

Parag Khanna Geopolicity.jpg

John Stephenson

"Geo policy has guided the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI), an African Presidential-led initiative to secure a sustainable future for elephants, and has provided essential support in shaping the EPI's securing of essential resources to implement its program.  Geopolicity's expertise has been key to the progress achieved across the continent. ”

John Stephenson, CEO of Stop Ivory and Former senior UK government official.

John Stephenson EPI Geopolicity.jpg

Wahidullah Waissi

"Geopolicity did an outstanding job for the Sixth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference (RECCA), which was held in 2015 in  Kabul by conducting a review of regional mega projects under the "The Silk Road through Afghanistan" strategic framework. The quality of analysis and its world-class production made the participants to have a serious look to the importance of the regional cooperation and its economic benefits through this framework. A year later, many projects restarted and by mid-2016, Afghanistan and China signed an MoU on "One Belt One Road" to realize the framework discussed at the RECCA and the first train arrived to Afghanistan from China in September 2016."

Wahidullah Waissi, Former Director-General of Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ambassador of Afghanistan to Australia

Wahidullah_Waissi_UNGA Geopolicity.jpg

Paulo Lembo

"The work of Geopolicity is well known. Over the course of the past two years their analytical and diagnostic work has been essential to both government and UN agencies in developing plans for wholesale public sector modernization"

UN Resident Coordinator of Yemen and UNDP Country Director Iraq

Paulo Lembo Geopolicity.jpg

Gulcin Salingan

"Geopolicity' has performed beyond expectations in conducting the feasibility study for the agro-industrial sector in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan Trilateral Consortium, significantly contributing towards the government's long-term commitment to the initiative. ”

Gulcin Salanagan, UNDP Istanbul International Center for. Private Sector Development (ICPSD)

Gulcin Salingan Geopolicity 1.jpg

Fadel El Zubi

"A world class Geopolicity team were awarded multiple contracts by UN FAO to develop a national agricultural policy and strategy in the Middle East. Their work was outstanding and the investment framework was fully adopted by government  ”

Dr. Fadel El Zubi, Former Country Director of UN FAO Iraq.

Fadel Elzubi Geopolicity 1.jpg

Ikem Chiejine

"Geopolicity led much of the education sector reform work for UNICEF with a particular focus on improved service delivery and School Based Management. The work was extremely well received by government and the model is now being piloted nationally"

Ikem Chiejine, former Head of Education, UNICEF

Ikem Chiejine Geopolicity.jpg

Jariya Hoffman

"Geopolicity did an excellent job in conducting the Liberia Public Expenditure Review of the security sector and needs assessment. The review was instrumental in supporting an orderly withdrawal of UNMIL military support"

Jariya Hoffman, World Bank Lead Country Economist, Liberia

Ellen Sirleaf Johnson Liberia Geopolicity.jpg
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