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Since its launch in 2003, the National Solidarity Program (NSP) has provided a critical gearshift in strengthening local governance and socio-economic development in Afghanistan. In the light of the so-called Decade of Transformation and planned drawdown of military and development assistance, efforts are now focused on charting the successful transition of the NSP, aligned with the forthcoming 10-year national strategy (2015-2025). Achieving this effectively means turning the NSP from a largely donor-financed program to a sustainable service delivery model financed in the long-term through the budget process. It is in this context that the NSP commissioned a study intended to assess existing program management arrangements and propose various options for program transition and sustainability with a focus on the most efficient, effective and sustainable program management arrangements. 




  • Analysed and assessed the efficacy of current program implementation arrangements; weighed pros and corns of various options for transforming NSP into a sustainable program;

  • Identified legal and financial/investment options through which gradually the core program could be made operationally and financially sustainable, and which can be expanded, multiplied or scaled down according to the availability of funds by the government and donors;

  • Examined key elements and requirements including, but not limited to, legal/procedural aspects, human resource needs, financial requirements for each option;

  • Paved the way for linkage to the Citizen's Charter; and,

  • Outlined a transition plan and identify key preparations and steps the Ministry will need to take to adopt the preferred option.



Transition plan for the US$500 million next generation NSP program, the Citizen's Charter.










World Bank ​


​​ US$ 230,000


Local Governance

"Geopolicity led much of the early PFM Reform work in my Ministry with considerable effect. Their advisory support is world class and their staff and advisors are the best we have worked with".

H.E. Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal. Former Minister of Finance (2009/2014) Government of Afghanistan

Options for Transition and Sustainability of the National Solidarity Program 

Community Development

Iraq Public Sector Modernization
Kurdisatn Public Sector Program
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